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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to share?

No, sharing is not required to be a Vital community member. Whether you share or not, you'll still be eligible to receive unlimited 1.5% cash back, plus all the World Elite Mastercard® perks that come with your Vital Card and credit health rewards.

If you do choose to share, and the people you refer become active Vital Card community members, your Vital Score will rise and you'll be eligible to earn cash referral rewards each month. The amount you receive in referral rewards will be proportional to your eligible Vital Score, compared to the total eligible Vital Scores of all community members combined. For more information about Vital's referral rewards, see your program agreements.

If I share, will I be making money off my friends?

No, you will not make any money off the people you refer to Vital Card. The people you refer won't have to share Vital Card with others either.

If you're curious where our cash rewards come from: Vital Card reserves for our members a percentage of the merchant fees we receive from each transaction — fees that usually contribute to credit card companies' revenue. We then distribute a portion of that money back to the community.

To learn more about how Vital's rewards program works, see your program agreements.

Is there an annual fee? What does it cost to apply for and use Vital Card?

Vital community members pay an annual $99 membership fee†. Vital community members will never be charged a late payment fee or over-the-limit fee. For more information on program fees, please refer to Terms & Pricing.

†Terms & Pricing

Can I choose my card color?

Yes, Vital community members can choose the card color of their choice: silver, black, gold, or rose gold.

How could Vital help me improve my credit?

Vital rewards responsible spending habits and credit score improvements with credit health rewards. It's our hope that cash incentives will motivate Vital community members to make smart financial decisions and improve their credit.

We also make it easy to monitor your credit health on the Vital Card App. Each month, you'll be able to track not only changes to your credit score, but also changes to your credit score factors— that is, the past and present actions that are likely impacting your score.

With these credit-monitoring features and credit health rewards, Vital can help you along the path to healthier credit.


If I apply, will Vital look at my credit score?

Yes, Vital looks at Vantage 4.0 credit scores when assessing applications. We also developed an alternative credit decision engine that takes into account data points traditional credit scores can overlook. Our alternative credit decision engine examines several indicators of creditworthiness.

What if I don't get approved?

If you aren't approved for a Vital Card, you could still qualify for future Vital Card offerings. We'll keep you posted on any new products for which you may be eligible as they become available. Just be sure to sign up for Vital Card emails.


How much can I earn in cash rewards?

The amount you earn every month may include 3 types of Vital cash rewards:

  1. Unlimited cash back — All Vital community members earn, at minimum, a flat unlimited 1.5% cash back on all purchases. Members do NOT need to participate in sharing to qualify for cash back.When you refer friends and family to Vital Card, you can unlock up to 3% cash back on all purchases for 3-month periods. To learn more about additional cash back, refer to your program agreements.
  2. Credit health rewards — All Vital community members are eligible to receive credit health rewards for good credit behavior. Refer to your program agreements for more information about credit health rewards.
  3. Referral rewards — Every month, a percentage of the Vital community's total spend goes back to members who successfully refer friends and family (Vital Connections) to Vital Card. The more people you successfully sign up — and the more people they sign up, and the more people they sign up — the higher your Vital Score becomes, and the higher the percentage of referral rewards you're eligible to receive each month. For eligibility and details regarding referral rewards, please see your program agreements.

What do I have to spend to qualify for Vital's cash rewards each month?

To receive referral rewards, Vital community members must spend at least $250 each month, comply with Vital'sTerms and Conditions and be in good standing. There is no minimum spend for cash back or credit health rewards. For more information, see your program agreements.

Using your card

There's no number on my physical Vital Card. Where can I find my card number?

For your security, card numbers are not printed on any physical Vital Cards. This makes it harder for bad actors to commit fraud using your Vital Card. It also means that in the event your card number is stolen, swapping the compromised number for a new one will be a relatively quick process.

Your Vital credit card number, expiration date, and CCV number are securely stored within the Vital Card App, where only you can see them. To view all the relevant card information required for an eCommerce transaction, securely log in to your Vital Card App, then click the "Card Information" link displayed on the home screen.

To make an in-person purchase with your physical Vital Card, simply swipe, insert your card into the chip reader, or tap to pay as you would with any other credit card.

How do I manage my Vital Card account?

Everything you need to manage your Vital Card account is on the Vital Card App. From your Apple or Android device, you can pay your card balance, see your full transaction history, view your rewards, dispute charges, freeze and replace your card(s), and more.

How do I dispute a charge?

Disputing charges is fast and simple on the Vital Card App. On the main dashboard of the app, just select "All Transactions." From there, you will see a list of transactions. Click the transaction you wish to dispute, click the "Dispute Transaction" button, and follow the steps on screen to submit your dispute.