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To build a strong financial

community, we made

a card worth sharing

At Vital, we're building more than a credit card. We're building a financial community.

By “community,” we don't mean people who happen to live in the same neighborhood, or shop at the same stores. We envision a community in a real sense of the word: One where members lift each other up, while expanding their own financial horizons and raising their credit scores. One where people aren't discounted because they made a late payment, or because they haven't had a chance to build credit. In short: a community where better credit and the nicer things in life are within reach. On your phone. In your wallet. In your hands.

How it works

Earn cash when you spend, share, and improve your credit health

Vital Card doesn't just reward community members with cash back for spending and referral cash for signing up others. Vital also gives you the tools you need to understand your credit score, make smarter financial decisions, and improve your credit health. As you build better credit, Vital celebrates your wins with credit health rewards. As you reap Vital's benefits, our hope is that you'll share Vital Card with others in your community. When you sign up friends and family using your referral link, you'll unlock a cache of rewards. That includes rising referral cash and the chance to earn 2 or 3% cash back on all spending for 3-month periods. Plus, the Vital community — moved to build better credit for cash — will grow.

Why it works

Experience a card that puts community first

Like any credit card, Vital Card needs users. Unlike any other credit card: The more Vital Card grows, the more money our community members earn — and the more equipped they become to improve their credit health. That's why we built Vital Card with a low $99 annual cost of membership, no late fees, and the zero-liability protection of World Elite Mastercard®. That's why the Vital Card App illuminates your credit health and encourages good money habits. To build a strong credit community, we made a card worth sharing.

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Who we serve

Help build an inclusive credit community

If we can't knock down every barrier that blocks people from building up credit, we'll do our best to help folks scale the wall. If you have a high credit score, we'll look at it. If you don't, we'll ask you questions and assess additional, real indicators of your creditworthiness. Are you earning money? Reliably paying your bills? If an imperfect credit history is the only barrier standing between you and credit-building, we'll work to welcome you to the VITAL community.

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